What started as a suspicious explosion in a picturesque Parisian neighborhood could end in revelations that would shatter the beliefs of millions. American lawyer Lang Reilly is determined to find the real cause of the blast that killed his sister. But his investigation will lead him into the darkest corners of history and religion. And it may cost him his life. Lang’s search for the truth begins with a painting his sister bought just before she died. Could there be something about the painting itself that made someone want to kill her? Every mysterious step of the way, Lang unearths still more questions, more hidden secrets and more danger, until finally he arrives at the heart of a centuries-old secret order that will stop at nothing to protect what is theirs.


With his novel THE PEGASUS SECRET, Gregg Loomis delves into a fascinating modern-day mystery based on the secrets of a real-life 19th-century priest, his association with the enigmatic Knights Templer, and how a Nicholas Poussin painting is rumored to contain hidden messages leading to buried treasure.

Loomis, who has traveled extensively throughout Europe, first came upon the idea for THE PEGASUS SECRET on a trip to Dordogne, France. There he visited the infamous Rennes-le-Chateau and first heard of Sauniere, a priest who in the 1880s was rumored to have found some sort of treasure on the premises. No one knew exactly what he had found, but his new wealth went uncontested by the Vatican and one of his close friends was brutally murdered for supposedly knowing "secrets." Treasure hunters drawn to the area speculated Sauniere had discovered anything from the Holy Grail to the treasure of the Knights Templar, a secretive monastic order disbanded in 1304.

"One of the interesting things about history is that the things we don't know, the unsolved mysteries. One of the most long lasting is the Templars. Where did they go? Whatever happened to their immense treasure? I'm surprised no one has put the two together with Sauniere in a fictional setting before", says Loomis.

Loomis draws upon this real-life mystery as the basis for THE PEGASUS SECRET, in which American lawyer Lang Reilly, determined to find the real cause of the blast that killed his sister, becomes embroiled in an investigation that will lead him far beyond a mere murder. It will lead him into the darkest corners of history and religion.

THE PEGASUS SECRET has "more intrigue and suspense than The Da Vinci Code!" raves bestselling author Robert J. Randisi.

Even though THE PEGASUS SECRET was penned before Dan Brown's mega-blockbuster, readers are bound to see similarities as clues hidden in a painting help solve a centuries-old mystery pertaining to the Church. Despite the number of related titles, the art history/conspiracy subgenre is alive and well. Publisher's Weekly recently reported many booksellers, including the owner of Diane's Books in Greenwich, Conn., are asking for more. "Everybody who comes into my store wants another Da Vinci Code," she said.

Loomis is a former racecar driver both in and out of the United States and a licensed commerical pilot. He has traveled extensively in Europe and the Caribbean. Currently, Loomis practices law in his native Atlanta, where he lives with his wife Suzanne and their golden retriever Henry. Between court dates, Loomis works on his next novel. His first novel, Voodoo Fury, came out in 1991 from Berkeley.

Fans of Dan Brown’s THE DA VINCI CODE are going to love THE PEGASUS SECRET, an ecclesiastical thriller that is so action-packed that readers will feel they are on a fast moving rocket ship. The hero is in danger from the time he receives the painting but he is determined to find out why his sister was killed and how the painting leads to her death. Greg Loomis writes an amazing thriller with more twists and turns than a maze.

"THE PEGASUS SECRET is a driving thriller that slams the reader from the first page and doesn’t let up until the explosive end ...A fantastic novel - I loved it!" "With impressive success Loomis has created a highly entertaining mystery...You won't want to miss THE PEGASUS SECRET."

An intelligent, fast-paced, riveting thriller with an explosive ending. A great debut novel.

How long can someone keep a secret? And what if that secret—if ever disclosed—could destroy the 2,000 year old foundations of western civilization? Well, this is the enigmatic premise of an exciting new novel of suspense and adventure by Gregg Loomis.

When The Pegasus Secret begins, Lang Reilly, an American lawyer, learns that his sister Janet Holt of Atlanta has died in an explosion at an apartment in Paris. Lang leaves his hometown of Atlanta and travels to Paris where he discovers that his sister’s death may not have been an accident. Janet may, in fact, have been murdered, and Lang wants answers to questions: Who is the killer? What was the motive?

Lang starts investigating but learns very little other than the fact that Janet had recently purchased an unusual painting in London. The painting, however, was not in the Paris apartment at the time of the explosion because Janet had previously shipped it to the Ansley Galleries in Atlanta. When Lang returns to Atlanta, he retrieves the painting from the gallery. Almost immediately, though, someone breaks into Lang’s apartment and steals the painting. When Lang obtains a photograph of the painting and the appraisal from the gallery, things soon become more complicated: The gallery is destroyed by an arson fire, and a knife-wielding intruder attacks Lang.

Lang is now certain that the painting is connected to Janet’s death. But what could be so important about a relatively inexpensive copy of a work of Renaissance religious art? Maybe the source of the painting is the answer. Perhaps the explanation is in the inscription in the painting: ETINARCADIAEGOSUM. Or maybe the landscape in the painting itself is the key to the secret.

So, with all of the foregoing happening in the first fifty pages—and more I could not tell you without telling you too much—it seems hard to believe that Loomis could then sustain the dizzying pace and tightly constructed plot for another 334 pages. Somehow, though, with impressive success, Loomis has created a highly entertaining mystery involving—among other things—the Vatican, big business, medieval monasteries, Knights Templar, a well-hidden and fiercely-guarded civilization-shattering secret, and the relentless international pursuit of—and cold-blooded pursuit by—murderers all the way to the exciting and provocative conclusion. You won’t want to miss The Pegasus Secret.

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