Jason Peters works for Narcom, a company that handles jobs too dangerous or politically risky for U.S. intelligence agencies. But when his house is attacked and he barely escapes the smoking wreckage, he knows this new case is out of the ordinary, even for him. Jason will travel the globe—from Washington, D.C., to the Dominican Republic, to the volcanoes of Sicily—in a desperate race to uncover the ancient secret that lies at the heart of an unimaginable—and very deadly—plot.

Atlanta Author Brilliantly Blends History, Mystery, Archeology and Adventure Around the Discovery That 'The Hades' Really Existed!

Atlanta author Gregg Loomis sends his character, with assassins and law enforcement on his trail, from Washington D.C., to the Dominican Republic and ultimately to the volcanoes of Sicily in a desperate race to uncover the ancient secret that lies at the heart of an unimaginable and very deadly plot. "Gates of Hades" will appeal to fans of Dan Brown and Douglas Preston. "Gates of Hades" was recently released under Dorchester Publishing's Leisure Books imprint.

"Action-packed suspense with lots of twists and turns."

Strange murders with similar evidence in different parts of the world have Jason Peters following a trail of unusual rocks to a place in the earth the ancients believed led to misery. For Peters, who works for an organization shrouded in secrecy, this centuries-old site is the key to unlocking not only past crimes, but a horrendous event about to take place.

With little time and a band of Russian criminals on his tail, Peters enlists the help of a brawny Scotsman and a beautiful Italian volcanologist. Together, the three manage to stay a couple of steps ahead of these bizarre terrorists. That is, until time runs out.

Gregg Loomis has done it again. He's created a phenomenal story of fast-paced, globe-trotting terror that has hero Jason Peters constantly on the run for his life. This book is a jewel -- riveting, dynamic and action-packed. The twists and turns make this an absolute page-turner to the very last. I highly recommend GATES OF HADES.

Jason Peters, who works for a company that handles jobs that are too sticky for U. S. intelligence agencies to touch, has been sent to kidnap an Arab arms dealer. When Jason's partner and the mark both wind up dead, he grabs the Arab's lap top and runs. His home is attacked by assassins and he barely escapes when the house blows up. He manages to stay one step ahead of the assassins in Washington, D. C., the Dominican Republic and Sicily. It's a race to uncover a deadly secret before it can be unleashed on an unsuspecting world.

Once again Loomis grabs the reader and makes his hair stand on end. He is an absolute master at creating diabolical plots that keep the heart pumping with excitement from the first page to the last. You don't want to miss this Loomis thriller.

When Jason Peters' beloved wife died in the pentagon on 9/11, the Delta Force operative swore vengeance on all terrorists. He left the service to work for Narcom, an independent firm whose main client is the U.S. government. Narcom gives the government plausible deniability in a mission impossible scenario. His latest assignment is to kidnap arms dealer Aziz Saud Alazar and turn him over to the U.S. Navy who will rendition him to a country where torture is part of the interrogation process.

The target dies but Jason gets his computer and hands it over to the CIA. A month later he is called to Washington to meet his boss in person but before he leaves his caribean island, thugs come to kill him; he survives but his house is blown up. In Washington he learns that information taken from Aziz's machine indicates he sold a new kind of weapon to Ecco, called the Breath of Earth run by environment fanatic and criminal Boris Eglov, who lost his family in the Chernobyl meltdown. With the help of volcanologist Dr. Maria Bergenghetti, Jason travels all over Italy to find out what the bio weapon is and what the terrorists plan to do with it and falling in love with his reluctant companion while dodging enemy agents and the Italian authorities.

Readers who love to ride a roller coaster work of suspense will thoroughly enjoy GATES OF HADES. Borrowing elements from an action adrenaline thriller, history and archeology, Gregg Loomis creates a work that is so exciting and filled with enough twists and turns to keep the reader off balance and totally immersed in the upbeat plot. Unlike most thriller writers, Mr. Loomis fully develops his characters so that readers feel connected to them and want to know what happens to them.

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