Summer, 2013

Dear Readers:

Hot Ice came out in May and should be at your local book store. If not, they’ll order t for you or you can get print or e version from Amazon. Not to give away the story but the book concerns man made global warming and who stands to profit.

First Casualty comes out in mid November. That tale features the man who eclipsed Thomas Edison as the country’s most brilliant electronic genius, Nikola Tesla, and his potentially dark legacy.

The Cathar Secret, the latest Lang Reilly story, has been released in Dutch. A couple of other languages are pending. Unfortunately, so far a suitable American publisher has not been found.

My email address appears on this web site. I love to hear from readers; but, please, spare me the jokes, funny pictures and the usual junk friends exchange for no reason other than it can be done by clicking ’forward.’

Have a great summer and be sure to take a couple of books with you to the beach, the mountains or just the back yard!





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First Casualty First Casualty
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